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Yay!!! More Moon & co! This is excellent and it pleases me.

Yippee for more Raksura!

I really don't like e-books very much, though I will certainly buy these. But I'd like to register a vote in favor of a print omnibus at some point down the road.

Thank you!

Whether to do a print version or not is up to the publisher, but I'm really really hoping they do at some point.

Yay! Looking forward to reading these!

Oh splendid! *adds to to-buy list*

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Will look forward to these. Didn't think I would like the ebooks, got a really good deal on a basic Kindle and discovered that I like it. Reading is reading, life's joy. Love your books!

Thank you! Yes, I think ebooks can take a bit to get used to, but once you do, they're very handy.

BOOKS! ... Novell... whatever! Yey!

Outstanding! Eagerly awaited.

Re: BOOKS! ... Novell... whatever! Yey!

Thanks! :)

That's awesome, I'm very much looking forward to those Novellas and am about to pre-order The Siren Depths.

Okay that is AWESOME. I am so pleased, YAY MORE RAKSURA!


Thank you! I'm really happy about this. :)

That is wonderful news!

Night Shade Books has excellent taste. (If you ignore the cheddar-flavored cricket snacks...)


I am still surprised at how well the cheddar crickets went over...

Congrats! That's great news.

Excellent! But I would also be more than happy to see a dead tree compilation volume eventually.

(BTW, Books of the Raksura has been nominated as a fandom for Yuletide.)

Thanks! Yeah, I don't know if they'll even do a print version. It really depends on how well they sell, I guess.

(Yes, I saw that! Very cool.)

This is fantastic news! The only thing that could have been better would have been for Night Shade to purchase another four full-length Raksura novels, but i'll take every bit I can get.

Glad to hear the first two will feature Moon and Co. The Moon character is the main draw of the series for me. Though I wouldn't mind if one of the others featured Frost and Co. ^.~


At this point, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the second two, but that might be one of the options. :)

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