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Voting and Things

I early-voted two weeks ago, so now I can just sit here and try to work.

You can check and confirm your polling place here, with just your street address and zip code.


* You can Donate any amount to a hurricane Sandy relief organization for a chance to win a signed early copy of The Siren Depths. Not many people have entered, so your chances are great!

* The cover for my next book, Emilie and the Hollow World has been posted!

* Night Shade Books has put the Kindle US version of The Cloud Roads on sale for $1.99. (Down from normal price of $7.99)

Other Things:

* Carole Nelson Douglas' Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler novel Irene at Large is now on Kindle under the title "A Soul of Steel" and has an extra story and a reader's guide included. Her Irene Adler books came out several years ago and I loved every single one. Very glad to see them being re-released on Kindle.

* Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong by Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks was featured on IO9!

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I just finished listening to the audio version of The Serpent Sea and I liked it as much as The Cloud Roads. Any updates on whether Audible will be producing an audio version of Book 3?

(I would also love to listen to some of your older books -- City of Bones and Death of the Necromancer especially!)

Re: Siren Depths Audible

Hi, there should definitely be an audible version of The Siren Depths, hopefully by the same reader. I'll post here when I hear anything about it, or when it's released. (They don't always tell the author when these things are happening -- sometimes I find out about it when I see it's available for sale.)

Unfortunately, City of Bones and Death of the Necromancer are both out of print, so trying to get an audiobook publisher interested in them is kind of difficult.

Re: Siren Depths Audible

Understood -- though Audible has been doing a lot of that recently. They just released about a dozen audiobooks by Dave Duncan, most for titles obscure and long out-of-print. I had never even heard of him before. And, like, Nifft the Lean by Michael Shae just came out. Seems rather obscure to me...

Granted, they probably don't pay extremely well for the rights, but Audible Frontiers has been very busy lately.

Re: Siren Depths Audible

They also just released audiobooks for most of R.A. Macavoy's back catalogue, which have also been out of print for ages save as ebooks.

I'm about 30% through Cloud Roads. Really enjoying it so far. It's nice to read a fantasy story that forges into fresh territory. The strange creatures and characters are interesting.

Thanks, glad you're enjoying it!

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