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SGA - laughing

Book Giveaway Winners!

Sorry it took me so long to draw the winners -- I ended up having a busy morning that shaded into a busy day, plus relief over the election made for a slow start.

Thanks to everyone who donated!

The winners are:

ducened from Dreamwidth, Becky Regan (email entry), and ileliberte, Jena Klees, otterb

You need to send your mailing address and if you want the signature on the book personalized to you or someone else.

And congrats!

Cat entertainment: for some reason within the past week the house has had a wasp problem, (I suspect there's a nest inside the chimney.) so we and the cats have been killing wasps. All our other animals have always been afraid of the flyswatter. (Even though we don't beat them with it, from the way they act, you'd think we did.) I think it's the loud noise it makes when you hit a fly or whatever with it. Jack is the only one who isn't afraid of it. When I'm using it, he tries to get as close as possible like he really enjoys watching me kill wasps with it.

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