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Books and Things

* First thing, I did a post yesterday Art Sites for Holiday Gifts, with a list of retail sites by artists, craftpeople, and fair trade places where you can buy gifts online and support small/tiny business. If you have any to add sites to the list please put them in the comments.

* Second thing, The Siren Depths is shipping early, and some people have already gotten it and some people have already read it. (The ebook should be available around December 1, the book's original publication date, and I don't know about the audio book.) If you see it in a bookstore, please let me know in comments. If you've read it and have any sort of opinion on it, please consider leaving a review at Amazon, B&N, GoodReads, or wherever you review stuff. Reviews and word of mouth recs are the only advertising most books get, and the only advertising that really works. Especially on Amazon, where the number of reviews determines whether or not the book will be recommended to other readers and how often it will show up.

And if you see any fan art posted publicly, let me know so I can link to it on the Three Worlds Compendium. I love fan art! (Fanfic is great too, but I shouldn't read it so I don't link to it though I really want to.)

* Other second thing, I've been really swamped for time lately, but this weekend I got some editing and writing done in the morning, then took a break, and went to a friends' party, saw Skyfall, and read Lois McMaster Bujold's new book Captain Vorpatril's Alliance. I really enjoyed this one. It's set before Cryoburn, which was okay, but not really my one of my favorites. It's an Ivan story, and though it starts out on Komarr it moves pretty quickly to Barrayar, and you get to see Gregor, Miles, Duv Galeni, Lady Alys and Simon etc. (Cordelia and Aral aren't it in except as background.) The back cover (everyone I've talked to has a "What the hell is that?" reaction to it) with the two semi-naked women in sketchy poses has nothing to do with the book. The book is sexy at about the same level of sexiness as the previous books. Anyway, I enjoyed it and though it won't knock aside Barrayar, Memory, Mirror Dance, The Vor Game or any of my other top favorites in the series, it was still quite good.

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Yay for The Siren Depths! I look forward to receiving my copy!

Thanks! Is Night Shade sending you one?

Now that I know it's out there, I just have to drop Ross a note and he'll send one.

My copy of The Siren Depths arrived from Barnes & Noble last week and I can't wait to read it over the holidays!!!

ebook version of Siren Depths?

Hi Martha -- I got hooked on your Raksura books after reading SFSignal's review of the "Siren Depths," but started with "Cloud Roads." I loved both the first two books and tore through them in a couple days. Amazon isn't showing "Siren Depths" as an ebook option yet, although the paperback is shipping .. hope that they add the ebook soon, or is it available elsewhere?

Re: ebook version of Siren Depths?

Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed the books! And glad you found them through the SF Signal review, I really thought that was a great review.

I actually talked about the ebook in this post, where you posted your comment. The original publication date of the book was December 1, and the publisher won't release the ebooks until then. So they should start showing up at all the ebook retailers (Kindle, Nook, Baen's Webscription site, Kobo, etc) after that day. I'm not sure if the audiobook version is finished yet or when it will be released.

Re: ebook version of Siren Depths?

Hi Martha,
Oops, missed that in your post. I'm looking forward to buying the ebook in December, then. I also wrote to Geek's Guide to the Galaxy and suggested they have you on the podcast -- they need more female writers on that show and I'd love to hear you on it (of course, this is just one listener's suggestion, for what that's worth.) Take care, Aimee

Re: ebook version of Siren Depths?

Thanks, Aimee! I've only done one podcast before and it was a lot of fun, so I hope they listen to your suggestion. :)

(Deleted comment)
Huh, that's weird. Maybe it's a byproduct of Amazon's new extra-fast shipping or something. Anyway, hope you enjoy it again! Your critique of it really helped me a lot and made the revision much better, I thought.

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