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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I'll be working all day, and trying to catch up on house stuff when I'm not working. I'm still trying to do the one line from a story meme, though I'm moving pretty slow on it.

If you missed my post yesterday, The Siren Depths ebook is now available DRM-free at the Baen ebook site (should start showing up in more places soon) and The Serpent Sea Kindle US is on sale for $1.99.

* I forgot to link to this list: The Ranting Dragon: Top 20 Most Anticipated Speculative Novels Released in December 2012

* The Book Smugglers have started Smugglivus, a month of holiday guest posts by authors and book bloggers about books/media/things they liked and books/media/things they're looking forward to.

* WorldBuilders is happening here. A donation to Heifer International will enter you to win signed SF/F books or you can bid on individual auctions for cool prizes, including manuscript critiques. It's already raised over $70,000 and the goal is $500,000.

Middle Grade books needed:

Middle Grade books are needed for a first and second grade class at Mayberry Elementary in Los Angeles. You can send them to:
Cecil Castellucci, PO Box 29095, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Books for kids labelled for a little older than first and second grade are okay, too. I'm pretty sure used books in readable condition would be good too, so if you have any children's books you don't need anymore, this could be a good time to send them on.


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