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Martha, as long as you keep writing I will keep fervently buying and chasing down my friends and family with recommendations to your works and gifts of them.

Also, you and Daniel (Abraham) are both going to do something unprecedented, make me read a Star Wars book. I just never have for. I particular reason. Now two acquaintances (I know Daniel from college days) and fave authors are writing them.

Looking forward to them. And everything else you may write, ever. Did I mention that? I should mention that. And also also, if imitation is the sincerest etc usw, I wish my own neophyte scribblings read more like your work.

There. I think that's the most fannish thing I've ever written.

Thank you very much, Andan. :)

That's a pretty wonderful change. I'm so glad I finally have time to read Siren Depths!

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