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End of Year in Review

Publishing wise, this was another good year for me. It's been an improvement on 2011, and a vast improvement on 2008 and most of 2009, when I was mentally preparing for my career as a writer to be over. A vast improvement. So vast I find it hard to imagine, basically.

Things by me that got published:

January 2012

The Serpent Sea, Night Shade Books. Also, the second ever audiobook of one of my books was published: The Serpent Sea AudioBook, by, narrated by Christopher Kipiniak.

June 2012

A short story, "Revenants," in Tales of the Emerald Serpent

November 2012

A non-fiction article, "Donna Noble Saves the Universe" in Chicks Unravel Time Mad Norwegian Press.

December 2012

The Siren Depths, Night Shade Books.

Things by me that were sold to be published later:

April 2013

Emilie and the Hollow World, forthcoming from Strange Chemistry Books.

Spring 2013

A short story, with Jade from the Raksura books, "Mimesis" in The Other Half of the Sky, Candlemark and Gleam Press.


Untitled Sequel to Emilie and the Hollow World, forthcoming from Strange Chemistry Books.

Four Raksura novellas to be published as ebooks by Night Shade Books

And, probably in 2014, the as yet untitled Star Wars novel that I should finish and send in this month.

Anyway, I am hugely grateful to my agent, Jennifer Jackson, for getting me out there again, the editors who took/are taking a chance on me, and my friends and family for putting up with me, and the readers who kept looking for me and the new readers who found me.

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Martha, as long as you keep writing I will keep fervently buying and chasing down my friends and family with recommendations to your works and gifts of them.

Also, you and Daniel (Abraham) are both going to do something unprecedented, make me read a Star Wars book. I just never have for. I particular reason. Now two acquaintances (I know Daniel from college days) and fave authors are writing them.

Looking forward to them. And everything else you may write, ever. Did I mention that? I should mention that. And also also, if imitation is the sincerest etc usw, I wish my own neophyte scribblings read more like your work.

There. I think that's the most fannish thing I've ever written.

Thank you very much, Andan. :)

That's a pretty wonderful change. I'm so glad I finally have time to read Siren Depths!

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