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Links This Morning

I did an Year in Review Post, with things I published, things I sold, things I'm grateful for.

I also updated my Links For Beginning Authors page on my site. It has sections for links on Basic Information, Craft of Writing/the Writing Life, Business of Writing, Submitting Stories to Magazines, Finding an Agent, Writing Queries, and Writing Proposals.

How Long Should You Keep Trying to Get Published? by Jane Friedman
No matter where you are in your own publishing path, you should periodically take stock of where you’re headed, and revise as necessary.

A few end of the year lists:

Fantasy Book Cafe: Favorite Books of 2012

The Book Smugglers: Ana & Thea's Most Excellent Books of 2012

Publishers Weekly: Best SF/F/H for 2012

Other neat things: Sleeps With Monsters: Recommend Some Things! Recommending writing focused on women and/or genderqueer people.

Lisa Schroeder: Supporting authors when your heart is bigger than your wallet

ETA: New free online SF/F magazine from India: Indian SF

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So many recommendations! Thank you for these links - I have ordered many books!

And my copy of The Siren Depths arrived just in time for Christmas, so I had to sneak off and read it when I should have been peeling brussel sprouts - so thank you for that, too!

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