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Happy 20th anniversary, by the way. :)

Congrats on finishing the book!

Woohoo! I'm sorry there's no vacation in the near future, because you deserve one. But I'm thrilled about the new book.

Thank you! Yeah, we'll probably end up waiting until March or April and then trying to get down to Galveston for a couple of days.

You wrote a Princess Leia book? That just made my entire week.

I got the contract in September -- it all happened pretty fast.

You + Princess Leia book? Sounds amazing!

I am very psyched to read both this and Emilie and the Hollow World. Yay books!

I hope you feel better.

Thank you! :) I think once I have time to de-stress a little, I'll feel better.


Maybe a spa afternoon as part of your staycation? Can be a nice break and lower cost than a real trip.

That's a really tempting thought.

I am ridiculously excited about this book! :) And happy anniversary.

2 things I love about this:

1) You wrote a book about Leia. The ways this is a good move are legion and probably obvious to anyone who's a fan of the original trilogy.

2) You wrote a Star Wars book that doesn't (As most more recent stuff seems to) require me to know about 20 years of book-only Star Wars canon to feel comfortable approaching. (I read some of the books, but not once it started getting seriously into the next generation.)

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