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Your books are some of the main reasons I contemplate getting an e-reader. I have a few books & authors I re-read so often that the books are falling apart, and occasionally I think that it would be handy to have copies of those books that won't disintegrate no matter how often I read them. :D

Thank you! Speaking of disintegrating, the copy of Gaudy Night I've had since college just fell apart on my last re-read.

My book club is reading City of Bones this month and everyone is thrilled with the $2.99 ebook. Hopefully some of them will pick up some of your backlist as well.

Oh, cool! I hope they enjoy it!

Excellent news! I'm looking forward to reading. ( and seeing the cover- TBS has done a great job with the other covers.)

Thanks! This one was a toughie, as it was hard to find images that worked for it, but she did a great job and it turned out really cool.

I'm suuuuper excited to hear about this! And I don't even have an e-reader >.> But i'd been reduced to combing the second hand bookstores to find copies to push at people.... so yay :D

Thanks! I still see it occasionally at Half-Price Books or places like that, but the copies are usually pretty worn out.

When Death of the Necromancer comes out as an e-book, I'll be doing a happy dance. =^-^= I absolutely love that book (have it in hardcover) and reread it periodically. In fact, it was my gateway book for your other stories :)

As I said on twitter: Wonderful! Looking forward to getting a copy and telling lots of other people to get a copy!

I've been keeping my fingers crossed that Death of the Necromancer would come out as an e-book. I have it in paperback, but I haven't been able to read it. Tiny font + tiny margins = wall of text. My vision isn't what it used to be.

Yeah, I'm getting that way too, even though I have bifocals. The older style paperbacks really loved their tiny print.

So good to hear! I've been reading your books on ereader for the first time and was sad when I couldn't find that one at Kobo. Started with the Raksura, read Element of Fire and am now reading The Wizard Hunters. I've been wanting an ebook for The Death of the Necromancer to read!

These covers are gorgeous so I am looking forward to seeing that one.

Thank you very much! I was very happy with how the cover turned out.

That is some excellent news right there! I guess I know what I'll be reading in the later part of February then.

Awesome! Buying copies at second-hand bookstores to push onto friends is fun, but this will be much easier.

Thanks! Yeah, I still find copies occasionally at old stores, but they aren't in great shape.

Death of the Necromancer was my gateway book, and my father's, too. I brought him Necromancer, then The Wizard Hunters. When I told him I didn't have the rest of the Fall of Ile-Rein trilogy (I'd borrowed them from the library), he said "Why did you do this me?!" and immediately bought the entire trilogy, plus the Books of the Raksura. I'm excited these older books are being re-released as ebooks, so more people can become addicted.

Also, you have some really creative fans! That fan music is really good.

Thank you very much! I'm glad he enjoyed the books, too.

I thought the music was really cool. I think he wants to do some for the other books.

You'd be correct. :)

Between reading more of the Raksura books, and trying out writing for the first time (I have to admit, your books have inspired me), I've been tossing around ideas on how I want to approach my next piece.

I hope to write proper reviews later, but for now I've pointed my readers at your books. Here's to a sales bump. :)

Oh cool, thank you very much!

Honestly someone should write it up for Flayrah, I bet it would go over well with them... if I have time, I'll do it, but I've got two manuscripts to deliver in the next couple of months and my brain's so overfull that I forget why I walk into the kitchen. Often enough that my five-year-old now looks at me, purses her lips and says, "You forgot why you came in the kitchen again."


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