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Just a couple of links

We're supposed to get violent thunderstorms today, so I'm glad I went to aerobics and got to the grocery store before any of that started. Yesterday I finished proofing the text of The Death of the Necromancer. I'm hoping to be able to release the ebook on February 19.

I think for dinner tonight it will be skirt steak tacos.

pentapus did some excellent chibi icons of Moon and Jade and then Moon and Chime in groundling form.

On my tumblr I posted my new author photo (not the film noir one, but from that same photo shoot).

And a re-post from 2011: Frances Marion, the most famous woman you've never heard of

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We've got some light rain, but no thunderstorms yet....

Though I hear it's supposed to snow tomorrow... unpredictable St. Louis weather. Stay safe. :)

Weather is always lovely for complications.

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