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Links, Books, and Places

Thursday! I planted tomatoes earlier this week, so naturally now it's going to freeze this weekend.

* The feminist SF anthology I'm in, The Other Half of the Sky, got a great Publishers Weekly review. It will be out in April, in paperback and ebook.

* Fantasy Book Critic: GUEST POST: Ten Reasons Why We Love The Fantasy Genre by A. E Marling

* Terrible Minds: Not Every Writer Wants To Be A Publisher

Things I have out, or that will be coming out:

* The Death of the Necromancer is now available on DRM-free ebook at Kobo (US and international), Kindle (US and all the international Kindles), and Barnes and Noble NookBook for US and UK. It's the second Ile-Rien book. The Element of Fire is the first, and it's available in ebook at all the same places, and also in a paperback edition. The last three Ile-Rien books (The Wizard Hunters, The Ships of Air, The Gate of Gods) are available in ebook but were put up by HarperCollins, the publisher, so I have no control over price, availability, DRM status, etc. There are also a few Ile-Rien stories free on my web site. (ETA: There's also City of Bones and Wheel of the Infinite.)

* Emilie and the Hollow World will be out on April 2.

* Untitled Star Wars Novel can be preordered on Amazon and will be out on October 29.

* I have an essay in Chicks Unravel Time, available now in paperback and ebook.

* The audiobook (and paperback and ebook) of The Siren Depths, the third Books of the Raksura is now available.

Places I will be:

* I will be teaching two classes at the DFW Writers Conference on May 4-5 in Hurst, Texas.

* I will be at LoneStarCon 3, the 71st Worldcon, in San Antonio, Texas on August 29 through September 2.

Yay! I've been waiting for the audio of the Siren Depths! I'm so excited! Will there be a book 4?

At this point I'm really not sure. The publisher let The Cloud Roads go out of print before The Siren Depths came out, so the series will have a lot of trouble attracting new readers, which it needs to do to continue. I'm hoping for a miracle, but not really expecting one. :)


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