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Deeper Than Swords Event

This has been kind of a stressful couple of months due to foundation work, plumbing explosions, publishing issues, money issues, and so on, but I have been really looking forward to the opening of the Deeper Than Swords George R.R. Martin event at Cushing Library.

We had our tickets to the free lecture and episode screening on Friday night, but we couldn't afford to go to the special library fundraiser dinner on Thursday. But then we got this from the Dean of University Libraries:

(Yes, the white feet in the upper lefthand corner is Jack trying to tear the box apart.)


So thanks to our friend at Cushing, we will be going!

(And some people have asked if I will be at AggieCon: I wasn't invited, so I won't be at the convention.)

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That's a nice invitation! Have a wonderful time, and be sure to report! :-)

Thanks! I will, and I will definitely take pictures. :)

Sweeet! It's good to have friends.

What a terrific invitation! Glad you're getting to go.

Thanks! We're pretty thrilled.

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