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I have pre-ordered Emilie, and it looks like reading it will get to be my reward for handing in my first dissertation draft :D

Yay, and congrats on handing in your draft!

Getting double-billed because of a temporarily missing payment sucks. Verizon's frequent claims of payments not arriving are why I started paying almost all my bills on line years ago. I'm pretty sure that the real issue was Verizon not processing their mail rather than the checks not arriving but they wouldn't admit that. With online payments, I get an immediate receipt that I can save and print out as needed to prove when I paid. I eventually got rid of Verizon altogether when Frontier offered me DSL service.

Yeah, I think I'm going to have to break down and go over to online payments for everything.

That's partly why we switched to Virgin Mobile.

Your cat seems to be giving me a "you know you want this book" stare. And it's working quite well. Still deciding whether I want to get it in paperback or e-book.

He's a good cat. :) Both the paperback and ebook are coming out on April 2.

You would think that when it comes time to for the publisher to decide whether or not they want to publish more books by Stephanie, they would know the low sales numbers were a result of people not being able to purchase the book because they never saw it in B&N

I went to buy a book for my oldest today, and when the local indy bookstore didn't have it, I went to B & N. Guess what? They didn't have it, either. It's a fairly recent YA title (The Unfailing Light by Robin Bridges), but they didn't have it or the first book out of her series. What they did have? Lots of empty shelf space in the teen section. :(

Now I wish I had just ordered it from Amazon in the first place - it would have been here by now, and I wouldn't have wasted an hour trying to find it (and also trying to find an employee - there weren't ANY except at the cash registers.)

Yeah, they seem to be throwing out their old methods and doing everything Borders did right before they went out of business.

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