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My Flying Lizard Circus

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I'll bring my copy to Dallas to be signed ;o)

I should have another handful of books for you to sign at Lonestarcon3 including Emilie. With 1-year-old twins, making reading time is tough. I found the start a little slow and had trouble identifying with the characters which is very unusual for me with your books. Now, I'm rocking along and hope to finish by the weekend, if not sooner. I like it a lot. I hope it gets lots of great press and a sequel or two.

I was also thrilled with Liz Bourke's post on I think you are criminally underappreciated!

The Other Half of the Sky

If Amazon had made it known an e-book would be available, that would have been my preference. But at least I received my physical copy early! Jade's adventure was fun.

Re: The Other Half of the Sky

Thank you! Yeah, I don't know why the ebook version wasn't listed on the preorder entry.

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