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This weekend I mostly wrote (self-employed writers generally don't get days off), did some housecleaning, and caught up on Inspector Lewis. Now that Doctor Who and Elementary are done for a while, I'm waiting for the third season of Luther (which I don't know when it's coming out, I just know it's been filmed) and for Broadchurch with David Tennant, which should start airing on BBC America soon.

Yesterday I made a pot roast with a cumin and red wine braising liquid, and it made a delicious gravy.


* Steve Gould's introduction to presenting the Andre Norton Award for YA SF/F: What I Said
A reading from the sacred texts of my people. As you are brought to remembrance, recite them with me.

* Ocean Sole a company that makes toys out of discarded flipflops collected off beaches in Kenya.

Books coming out with sample chapters:

* Meridian Six by Jaye Wells

* Blade Reforged by Kelly McCullough

Reviews of my books: (a lot was going on last month so I'm not sure I remembered to link to these)

* Emilie and the Hollow World

* The Wizard Hunters

* Wheel of the Infinite

* And, Emilie and the Hollow World got sqeed about on the SF SqueeCast

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Just out of curiosity, how much do you try to dedicate to writing each day? I've been trying to find the right balance of writing and procrastination so I don't burn myself out while still feeling like I'm making progress.

It varies by book, and how well it's going. If it's going well, I may only spend about four hours writing and the rest of the day doing other writing-related stuff. If it's going badly, it maybe anywhere from seven to ten hours writing, or trying to write. It's usually better to set a goal for yourself, like 500 or 1000 or 2000 words per day, depending on how fast you write and how much time you have to put toward it. Or at least to keep track of how much you wrote per day, then you can track your progress.

I try to get at least 1000 words on any given writing day. On a really good day, I seem to average 1500 to 2000 words, 500 on a bad (today was a bad). But it seems to really depend on the scene I'm working on. If I can't bring myself to continue writing the scene, I usually go back to other scenes and see if there's anything I can improve, so that tends to add to the word count a bit. Then eventually I just push myself to work on the other scene. I haven't really been recording my day-to-day word count though, I just have the day I started working on my novel, and then I estimate what my word count should be at right now and where it actually is (which is about 20,000 words behind, so...).

I suppose sometimes it's just hard to find the motivation to press forward, whether it's for life reasons or what have you.

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