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Quickie link post

Shipwrecks discovered near Galveston:

* Mystery at sea deepens

* Texas State excavates centuries-old Gulf of Mexico shipwreck


XOJane: Michelle Rodriguez Made Me Cry at Comic-Con

AI: Walmart Losing To Quirky Florida Based Publix – Employee Owned Company Touted By Forbes As Wal-Mart Slayer

NewStatesman: After the Jane Austen announcement I suffered rape threats for 48 hours, but I'm still confident the trolls won't win

Bosom Buddies: A Photo History of Male Affection

Book recs:

A Thousand Perfect Things by Kay Kenyon - ebook will be out in August

Heart of Briar by Laura Anne Gilman

The Labyrinth Gate by Kate Elliott, in ebook for the first time

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Man, as a maritime archaeologist, do I ever have mixed feelings about the casual way that first article links quotes from professional nautical archaeologists and marine salvage operations. I'm really not even sure what to do with that.

Great links, thanks!

Also, I just finished Kate Elliott's Cold Steel. Enjoyed it tremendously.

I really enjoyed it, too.

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