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My Flying Lizard Circus

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They will be released in paperback, the first two novellas in one volume, and the second two in a second volume.


I want these!

Ooh, I'm glad to hear they're planning on doing print editions of the Raksura novellas!

Emilie and the Sky World will be out March 4.

Which I have already preordered (both for my personal Kindle and in print for the library.) :) Also, Emilie has been circulating briskly.

Yay! Very glad to hear that about Emilie.

How do conventions work for authors?

Hi Ms. Wells, you are one of my favorite authors and I have stalked....umm...admired you from afar for years.

This isn’t a writing question as such, more a fan question. I know you do a lot of book signing and appearances in Texas but would you ever be interested in going farther afield? Like Canada? I don’t know how appearances at events such as the largest western Canadian event that takes place in Calgary, Alberta (The one I go to every year! are set up; do you yourself, (as an author) ask to attend or are you invited?

Thank you!

Re: How do conventions work for authors?

First, thank you!

To the question, all conventions are different, and as an author you can ask to be put on programming but with some it's very hard. (I've been turned down by a few conventions I've wanted to go to which makes me kind of leery of asking.) One big limiting factor for me is money. Unless you're one of the guests of honor, conventions don't cover travel or hotel or anything for authors besides a free pass to get in. I can usually only afford one or two out of state conventions a year, and going out of the country is usually too expensive. I would love to go to Canada at some point, though.

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