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Ooh, Night Calls looks like exactly my type of book, and I'd never heard of it before. Thanks so much for posting the rec!

Oh, I loved London Falling! Primarily because as you say, they have no help and no one to tell them what to do. Such a great change of pace from finding out about magic followed by finding a magical mentor.

I'm also glad to hear about Night Calls. I believe I bought the sequel to it some years ago, but the first was out of print? I enjoyed the second book anyway. Or I'm mistaking it for something else, which... Katharine Eliska, and a heroine named Alfreda seem pretty memorable. :)

If the sequel was Kindred Rites, yes-Night Calls is the first book. She is working on a third. Both books are out in e-form as are her 3 SF novels - which are also good.

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