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I finished the third one (a week or so ago, maybe? Time is blurry) and posted a snippet of it here. Also the first two are coming out in paperback in September, yay! Not sure yet when the ebook versions are coming out.

Yes, Rachel's book looks awesome!

I wish I could pump out content as fast as you do. I've been doing very poorly lately on my word count.

I'm not that fast, I just work on being steady. :) I try to get a certain amount done every day.

I've started kind of working my way to that. I've begun using little motivators like Excel-based monthly word charts to monitor my progress with defined target word counts for each day. My Sundays are being set as a time to revise the previous days, which will really help because I tend to do more revising than actually working on getting through the story first. I also did a checklist for important plot stuff that helps keep things in perspective.

a: Eeee Moon and jade babies :3

b: We were talking about the female "Monument Men" this morning at work. I want to be a museum spy!

That would be a pretty awesome job. I wish they'd do a movie or series focused on the women on the team, too.

Yay! Was hoping we'd get to see a clutch for Moon and Jade! Looking forward to all of those stories!

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