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I just ordered my copy of The Wizard Hunters after reading that review (and especially the excerpt on your website afterwards)! I wanted to check, though, to make sure I hadn't made a mistake: is there an ebook for it in the UK? NO worries if not. I could only find secondhand paper copies, so that's what I ordered, but if you have done an ebook, I'd rather give money to you that way than buy it secondhand!

The ebook status is kind of up in the air at the moment. My agent is trying to get it straightened out. Right now it's available in Canada and the US, but not the UK, so secondhand copies are fine. :)

Got it! Thank you. And good luck getting that sorted out soon (at least in publishing terms)!

why'd they kill your career? I liked them better than emilie, but not as much as raksura, but you're solidly on my watch-for list.

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Re: late to the party

The publisher lost confidence/wasn't interested in them after The Wizard Hunters didn't do as well as they wanted it to. (The trilogy had been originally contracted for by Avon Eos, who did The Death of the Necromancer and Wheel of the Infinite, and by the time The Wizard Hunters came out Avon had been bought by HarperCollins and there were massive staff changes and changes in the way things were done.) The Gate of Gods barely showed up in any bookstores. It came out in 2005 and I couldn't sell another book until The Cloud Roads in 2010.

Re: late to the party

ah. thanks. I read them after raksura, so I didn't notice the gap.
stupid publishers are stupid. if they'd marketed better, they'd've gotten more of my money sooner.

Re: late to the party

Thanks. :) Yeah, it's a tough business. If the original publisher hadn't been eaten by HarperCollins, I think the books would have done better.

" The Gate of Gods barely showed up in any bookstores."

So I wasn't crazy, searching every bookstore I saw every time I passed by in a separate search for the last book! It got so that I went straight to the W's every time I went near the SFF section only to mutter "Wrong Wells!" in my desperate search. Finally finding Gates of the Gods was a triumph.

Yeah, it was a real pain when I found that out. I'm glad you were able to find a copy!

Totally seconding everything said in the Squee of Ile-Rien! Yes, that, all of that <3333333333

Also, here is my small bit of squee from Ursula Vernon's post on 'Growing Tired of Fantasyland'. Thank you for writing \o/ Fly by random internet person/huge fan hugs to you!

"I used to be completely unable to escape the sci-fi/fantasy aisle of any bookstore without at least one new treasure, and now...I poke around, and just nothin'. I was worried maybe an internet-warped attention span and the delights of fanfiction had ruined me for reading actual books, or I'd grown out of them somehow, and then I found Martha Well's Raksura series and devoured it! And read them over and over again and lost myself in a whole new world, just like I always used to do. So, that bit of my brain still works, thank goodness, just takes a lot more searching to find That Thing What My Brain Desires."

Oh, cool, thank you very much! :)

because they were the books that killed my career for a while.

And I find that absolutely flabbergasting, because they are seriously awesome. (In fact, I moped around the house for at least a week after I finished the last one, because they were ALL GONE and there was NO MORE. ::sniffs sadly::)

(In fact, I wish you'd continue the story so I could find out how the Queen winds up being the last Queen. Loose ends, they niggle at me.)

At the library, I push your books all the time on unsuspecting patrons. (In fact, I'm working up the Women's History Month display, which is going to be novels featuring awesome women protagonists, and your books are right at the top of my list.)

Thanks very much for pushing them at the library! I think that makes a huge difference.

Wow. I read the first paragraph on Kate Elliott's livejournal, and I'm off to source copies of the entire Ile-Rien trilogy..

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - your Île-Rien books are highly placed on my list of favourite books ever, by anyone.

And it breaks my heart that your publisher betrayed you so badly that it left you feeling bad about those books and the amazing world you created in them. I still continue to hope that maybe one day you'll feel able to revisit that world and write more Île-Rien books, but I will understand if you don't.

Thank you. :) I don't know if I'll ever go back. If I do, it might just be in short fiction.

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