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Amazon says mine has shipped. Along with my copy of Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan, also out today.

Now I just need to get enough done at work this week to be able to take the time off and read them next weekend. Looking forward to it.

Hope you enjoy it! I'm getting Tropic of Serpents too, as soon as I have a chance.

Happy Book Release Day!

I hadn't had the chance to read the first book yet and have heard wonderful things about it, so I just went and bought both e-books and am looking forward to reading both.

Happy Release Day! Grabbing the e-book today! :)

Mine is IN TRANSIT, which means I will have it SOOOON. :-)

Emilie and the Sky World is out today!

I know! I got up this morning and opened my Kindle, and - Boom! - new book! Yesssssssss.

Now go 'way. I'm reading.

Yay, glad it was a prompt delivery! That's the good thing about preordering ebooks.

I know - and I'd forgotten which day was the release, so it was an awesome surprise. :)

The only problem was that patrons kept expecting me to work instead of read. Bah!

Whee! I'm hoping my copy is waiting for me at home!!!

Yay! I hope it was there.

Yay, happy book release day!

Gah - you got me! I find it hard to invest myself in a new world, sometimes, so even though I adore pretty much everything you've ever written, I couldn't quite bring myself to read the first book yet. Now I've read this bit though, and I LIKE these people, a lot. I want to know what happened! I have both e-books now and I may or may not read everything completely backwards! Here have some more exclamation points! !!!!!! :)

Thank you for the extra exclamation points!!!! :) And I hope you enjoy the books.

I ordered my copy, using one of the Amazon gift cards that I get for filling out online surveys. They haven't shipped it yet though, probably because the release date on one of the other books I ordered is next week. I miss being able to walk into a store and walk out with the new book I want.

Hope you get it soon! Our local B&N doesn't carry a lot of the new SF/F (including my books) so it's really frustrating to have to order it.

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