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I'm really looking forward to the Raksura novellas. (And I have The Wizard Hunters to keep me happy until then. *g*)

Cool. :) Hope you enjoy it!

Ahhh, I am watching the True Detective finale later tonight and I can't wait! I am desperately avoiding spoilers, so thank you for your restraint, but I am glad to hear that the end did not disappoint! :D

(Icon from my 2009 King in Yellow Hallowe'en costume >.>)

I am also hoping the weather here has settled out, and I can get on with "only" dealing with the stupidity of College Station spring allergies. I hope you are feeling a little better soon, with everything, and I'm glad you didn't delete all your accounts!

Thanks, I'm quite a bit better today. :)

"I did get some work done on the fourth Raksura novella, but I've been rewriting some sections I wrote earlier that no longer work, and so I would write for six hours, adding new material and deleting old, and end up with exactly the same word count that I started with."

Definitely have had those days. But in the interest in saving potential headaches later trying to figure out what to keep and what to toss, better to get them out of the way now while the mess is still coherent (though knowing me, I do too much of that already).

Also, I finished Emilie and the Sky World a few days ago, and I think I loved it even more than the Hollow World. Do you have any plans to continue that story?

Not at the moment. The next book I want to write is something different, though it's still going to be a YA. And glad you liked Sky World!

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