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My fun for yesterday was that I chipped a front tooth. I have no idea how, I didn't eat any hard candy or anything else that might have done it. The tooth just spontaneously ejected a chip.

Couple of links:

Out of Print: Library Fundraiser for P.S. 244

I really like library or school-related fundraisers that involve buying books or equipment or donating to libraries, so if you know of any, feel free to point me to them.

Book View Cafe: Bad Attention I guess doing something like this is funny/clever to people who have never actually received death threats or other threats of bodily harm through the internet.

PSA: I have links to places where you can buy DRM-free ebooks of some of my novels here plus a lot of buy/preorder links for paperbacks, ebooks, and audiobooks here.

And my links to information sites for beginning writers is here.

So sorry to hear about your tooth. Hope it doesn't give you grief and is an easy fix.

Thanks -- it doesn't hurt or anything but it does have a distracting sharp edge. I'm going to the dentist Monday so I hope they don't have to grind it down.

Stories of the Raksura: Volume I


2014-04-22 08:24 pm (UTC)

I have really enjoyed listening to the Books of the Raksura series on audible. Are there any plans for Stories of the Raksura: Volume I being turned into an audio book?

Re: Stories of the Raksura: Volume I


2014-04-22 10:12 pm (UTC)

I hope so! It will depend on whether or not an audiobook publisher is interested in doing it. And thanks, I'm glad you liked them!


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