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You made me very happy today (I might even have squealed a little ;). Missed these guys a lot, so much thanks for putting it up!

Cool, thank you! I'm glad it made you happy. :)

Thank you so much for this treat! A day with Gil and Ilias is a good day indeed.

Coolness for a Wednesday morning! Thank you!

For future reference and you may already know, but in case you don't, Ann Leckie has an e-zine called GigaNotosaurus, which publishes f and sf novellas. We've sold them a couple. Very to nice to work with.

Thanks! :) Actually I didn't know that. I always have a difficult time selling short fiction, unless it's specifically requested for an anthology, so I'm not good at trying to sell it. I just get so depressed by all the rejection.

I hear you on that. But this is a nice market for longer short fiction. They bought a really quirky novella from me, that I wouldn't have thought anybody would want.

Do keep it in mind. Might be useful later.

Hurrary!! more Ilias and Gil!!!
I deliberately subscribed to Black Gate, just to get the first three stories. Then waited and waited and waited for the fourth. So happy to see the fourth one this morning! Yay, no more waiting!

Any chance of having all four stories (in their chronological order) as a e-book? I, for one, would gobble it up in a heartbeat!

Thank you! :)

I will probably put them out as an ebook, I just need to wait until I have enough spare money to get a nice cover done, and etc.

Cue excited squeaking! I just started re-reading the Emilies, though. Will I have the self control to finish them before reading Awesome New Thing? Probably not! :D

:) Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed the Emilies!

I did enjoy the Emilies! Very much so! :D And happily I have a terrible memory, so it doesn't take long for me to forget enough to make a re-read interesting, lol (floral alien in the second one was simply awesomesauce <3333333333)

But I did go read all the Ilias & Gilead ones (also very much awesomesauce!), and now I want to re-read the Il-Rein ones, too, and see how knowing more details about their lives affects how I read it. Doesn't really change anything, more of an "ah ha, no wonder they think/react that way" sort of thing, which is fun :)

I'm trying to decide if I should delve into the prequels first, or go straight into the trilogy (because, you know... I haven't gotten to those yet). And I'm still working on backlog, but I'm very tempted to bring these to the top of the list as I've done with a few of your other books. Considering how much I enjoyed Element of Fire and Death of the Necromancer, that may very well happen. :)

It would work either way. :) The stories might actually have a bit more impact if you've read the trilogy first, but I'm not sure.


::runs to site::


no time now--i'm skimming LJ while at work but now i have this to look forward to!!!!

i really enjoyed "rites" (and i'm really enjoying the second emilie book), but i wanted to let you know that there are two lines with corrupted text in the story:

"We could get the same at home," Irissa said, her tone bored. "Better, in fact. Ignias has the best recipe for duck sauce I've everÑ"

"When you say 'mother' do you actually mean our mother? Because I don't know what house you've been living in butÑ"

Oh, I hate it when that happens. Thank you for letting me know!

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