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I just finished re-reading The Cloud Roads yesterday, and just lent it to one of my co-workers. It is such a great book (and series)! I will paste the link around and hopefully you can hook a few more readers :D

Awesome! :D Hopefully this will drive some more exposure for you and your Raksura books.

reposting your book link on FB so every fantasy reader i know will see it. the Raksura books are so awesome!

anytime! four of my friends said they bought it. i replied, "i'm luring you into purchasing the next two volumes, because you won't be able to stop reading these." ;-) i hope it works!

I also reposted the link to Cloud Roads on FB, with my enthusiastic endorsement :)

Posted to FB also, and have had one reply thus far from my cousin who said he'd buy it.

I just saw that, and passed the news along to my FB friends and blog readers. I might have used a few more exclamation points than The Elements Of Style generally endorses.

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