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Will you be doing anything else in that 'world' after this?

I'd really like to, so I hope so. I don't know yet if it's going to be possible or not.

Haven't quite had to do any big rewrites yet, thankfully. My dread right now for whatever reason is having to describe a lot of details again in the second book I'm working on that were all mentioned in book one. Trying to find the mix of what I feel should be recounted and what should be omitted for the sake of the reader (since I feel it is a series of books that should really be read in order) is a pain sometimes, and sometimes I just want to copy/paste my original description, but in the interest of keeping it...well, interesting, I abstain from doing so.

I also seem to be a bit dialogue heavy and not as detail oriented as I'd like to be, but that could just be the nature of first drafts for me.

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Yeah, it's tricky, figuring out how much information you have to repeat.

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