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Pond Progress

I've been trying to move my pond from the back corner of the yard up closer to the back porch, and enlarge it since it's too small for the water lily. I actually made some progress yesterday.



This is the new pond excavation. The concrete blocks are actually going to stabilize the walls once it's deep enough. The ground has been really hard, so I decided to wait until after the rain last night to try to continue. Right now it's full of rain water, so once that soaks in I should be able to finish digging.



This is the water lily that will be moving. All that rock is going to be moving too, so, that will be interesting. (I'm the one who moved it all there in the first place, but that was several years ago.)


This is our food plant garden, not doing so well this year. Theoretically, it has tomatoes, squash, spinach, an eggplant, strawberries, and some mint.

(You may be able to see the pictures better on tumblr.)

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