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...You need a tool for scraping linoleum off concrete? This is a thing?

We mainly used it for getting rid of a badly installed linoleum floor that was glued to a concrete slab, but I think it's just a basic flooring removal tool. Our house was built in 1969 when badly installed linoleum was in fashion.

Hee. I remember '60s lino. And the way it decayed in the '70s. It had just never occurred to me that there might be a tool - but of course there is. It probably has a name. And a guild.

The tool is called a slam scrapper. It's a long rod, with a mechanism on the end that holds a thin sheet of metal with a beveled edge. There's also a slight spring shock absorber mechanism built into it. You just use all your force to shove it at the edge of linoleum and hope it goes underneath to help you peel it off.

I knew it would have a name! Thank you so much...

Yay pond, lookin' good! And yeah, those water lily roots are robust. Hope yours enjoys its new home!

It looks a lot better this morning. It's probably enjoying actual fresh water. :)

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