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ArmadilloCon makes all the volunteers, even the Con Chair, buy memberships and doesn't reimburse them, ConChair does get a free rom. Confusion in Michigan reimburses the volunteers if they work a specified number of hours. I am only doing the Charity Auction this year. If you've got an extra book to donate, like a foreign language edition that would be appreciated.

I assume the free room is partially to make sure the Con Chair has space to work and to keep them on hand in a close location even during 'down time' as much as 'thank you for your hard work', especially if the Chair is local and might otherwise have to commute from home. I can only imagine how much work a Con Chair has to do during even the smallest con, handling unexpected problems.

Martha, will Stories of the Raksura Vol 1 be available on the Baen E-books site, as the three novels are?

I don't know yet, but I'll try to find out.

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