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"I'm beginning to think every book idea I come up with is an elaborate attempt at self-sabotage."

Probably because innovative ideas tickle your imagination, and sometimes people just want the same old peanut-butter-and-jelly plots. There are people who appreciate different ideas, and we thank you for writing them.

Thank you so much! And I am more thankful than I can say for the people who appreciate different ideas.

Cannot second this enough. If you ever decide to publish a phone book, I will buy it the moment it comes out because I know it will be the most unique and well-written phone book ever.

Also... The Dark Year sounds fantastic and I'm crazy excited for it :)

Ditto what AEMarling said.

Also, I had to stifle embarrassing squee noises when I read this post. New stories!!!!! I fervently hope they find a publisher.

The new stories sound lovely.

You create unique works of art that have lasting value. It's not easy; if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

One: a new Raksura novel set after The Siren Depths and the novellas, trying to get the Raksura out of the Reaches for a bit and exploring more of the Three Worlds. It's not very far along yet, I'm still in the first 20,000 words, working out the beginning.


Note that neither of these two has a publisher, so. There you go.


I'm beginning to think every book idea I come up with is an elaborate attempt at self-sabotage.

If I had my way you would not feel that way. It saddens me that more people don't love the authors who write wonderful, original works that I love. I hope your works in progress find good publishers who treat you as you deserve to be treated.

You're a great writer and I can't figure out why everybody else hasn't caught on yet. So far I've turned my husband and my baby sister into Raksura fans. I'm trying to convince a second sister to try it. :)

Really excited for your future works, especially the new Raksura book.

It baffles me how you aren't more well-known. I can't get enough of your books and they've been able to captivate me like nothing else.

There was a good line in one of the new Poirots, where Ariadne Oliver is talking about a talk she has to give on writing, and how really all she has to say is that you come up with an idea and then force yourself to write it. That's pretty much my writing process.

Pretty much exactly the same for me, though I'm much, much worse at actually forcing myself to write it, thanks to procrastination.

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