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Cool! I definitely want the complete collection for my Nook.

As soon as my local library re-opens (it's being refurbished until late fall), I'm going to rec your books to them, or just buy some copies and donate them. Everyone should have the opportunity to read your work.

Thanks very much!

If you donate books to a library, make sure first that they can add them to the collection. Sometimes they aren't allowed to and the books just go into the Friends of the Library sale.

My preorder for the paperback of volume one on B&N still says expected ship date September 2.

Yeah, I figure I won't know for sure until it's actually September 2.

Sorry to hear about the delay; glad I ordered the ebook. I wish I could ask for your e-signature on it. :D

Havoc looks interesting.

Yeah, I wish there was something like that for ebooks. Digital signatures aren't very personal.

I think Havoc is the second book in the trilogy. In the first one they take over the prison ship.

My library somehow has caught on and purchased all of your ebooks that are available through OverDrive after I recommended a couple. I hope that helps as much as them buying physical books. More people need to know about your books!

I'm so excited to read more Raksura stories and am glad to hear that ebook release is still on schedule. I don't pre-order books from many authors, but I've been looking forward to this all year. Thank you for returning to this world. :)

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Yay, thank you! Getting them on overdrive does help as much as buying physical books!

And I hope you enjoy the new novellas!

I loved the novellas! I can't wait to read the next batch, and would love it if you decided to write more full-length Raksura novels someday. (Trying not to beg but it's hard.)

I like having the e-book compilation on my tablet even though I own the paper copies. I also have e-copies of Wheel of the Infinite and City of Bones despite owning hardcovers. I can always fall back on them if I'm traveling and run out of other things to read, since they are good for repeated re-reading.

Cool, thank you! I'm starting to use iBooks more when I travel, too.

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