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A Tarr collection? Of horse stories? Welp, I'm just going to go give BVC a little more of my money, then.

I wonder if there are any new publications in it, or if they're all reprints? Pity the website does not provide a contents listing.

Thank you, Martha!

I've passed on this comment to the BVC bookstore crew. Will be fixed, and thanks for pointing it out. I've been finishing a book and not paying close enough attention.

In the meantime, here's the ToC. Title story is new. The rest are reprints.

I. Horses of Legend

Nine White Horses
Judith Tarr, 2013

Classical Horses
First published in HorseFantastic, ed. Greenberg and Greenberg, DAW, 1991

First published in Arabesques: More Arabian Nights, ed. Shwartz, Avon, 1988

First published in Arabesques II: Even More Arabian Nights, ed. Shwartz, Avon, 1989

II. Horses Present and to Come

Dealing in Futures
First published in WitchFantastic, ed. Resnick, DAW, 1994

Dame à la Licorne
First published in Immortal Unicorn, ed. Beagle and Berliner, HarperPrism, 1995

III. Horses of the Dawn

The God of Chariots
First published in The First Heroes, ed. Doyle and Turtledove, Tor, 2004

In the Name of the King
First published in The Book of Kings, ed. Gilliam and Greenberg, Roc, 1995

IV. In the Kingdom of Valdemar

First published in Moving Targets and Other Tales of Valdemar, ed. Lackey, DAW, 2008
(with permission from Ms. Lackey)

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