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The Serpent Sea

Three Worlds Compendium and Extras Section

Okay, the Three Worlds Compendium and Extras Section is now open! It has the short stories set in the world, a missing scene from The Cloud Roads that hasn't been posted before, plus some new material for the appendices at the back of the books that hasn't been printed.

It also has things like this:

I'll be adding more to it as I think of it.

The Serpent Sea

Interview at Terrible Minds Blog

There is an interview with me here at Chuck Wendig's Terrible Minds Blog. You will probably find out more about me than you want to know.


The Serpent Sea also got listed here on, as one of the staff picks at Bakka Phoenix, the big SF/F bookstore in Toronto. It's in very good company.


I don't have much else to report. What I'm mostly doing is trying to figure out what book to write next. Plus trying to think of a title for the third Raksura book. Plus trying to finish up a prequel short story for The Cloud Roads about Chime.

Notes about buying stuff: Amazon and Barnes and Noble online seem to be having some sort of weird .10 increment price war over The Serpent Sea trade paperback. Right now B&N is winning at $9.29, so if you wanted to get it cheap, this might be a good time.

Also, my second Stargate Atlantis novel Entanglement is now being sold on the B&N Nook. It's been available on Kindle, but this is the first time I've seen it on Nook, and it's cheap. (I don't know if Reliquary will also be on Nook; I have no control over it so if you want it your best bet is to email the publisher and ask.)

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(no subject)

It's going to be an active morning. We already had one kitty-violating-litterbox-protocol moment (7:00 am is always the best time for those) and I have an early doctor's appointment. When I get back, I may be able to finally finish the climax of the third Raksura book. :crossed fingers: After that, all that's left is to clean up the emotional carnage.

In the meantime, I have a guestpost on Laura Anne Gilman's blog talking about gender and society and character and sex in The Cloud Roads.

I've also posted some links to reviews for The Serpent Sea on my web site.

That's about all I've done lately except write.

John and Ronon Return

(no subject)

I think I've got most of my plot and logistical issues figured out and am hoping to get more actual prose hammered out today. It's the last couple of chapters but this part of a book always feels like a big hurdle. So close but so far.

Anyway. If you have been looking for The Serpent Sea at Barnes and Noble, most of the stores will not be getting the book. You can ask them to special order it, though I've heard some people have had trouble doing that. If a Barnes and Noble store is going to get the book, it doesn't seem to be coming in until the 17th. I don't know if there will be a similar problem with finding copies of The Cloud Roads but I wouldn't be too surprised.

In light of that, some cheery things:

maryrobinette: Very Funny Muppet Outtake Reel and Outtakes from Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas


YouTube: Doctor Who Does the Proclaimers


All the proceeds from Patrick Rothfuss' The Tinker's Packs online store goes to the WorldBuilders Heifer International Fundraiser. He's selling posters, calendars, and now foreign language editions of his books, plus books donated by me, Carol Berg, Anne Bishop, Peter V. Brett, Stephen Deas, Laura Anne Gilman, Katharine Kerr, Scott Lynch, and Garth Nix. There's one copy each of the Spanish, French, and German editions of The Death of the Necromancer up for sale, plus others.

Into the light

More eBook News Plus Other Stuff

Had a bad night, spent some time lying awake with a bout of anxiety and depression. Hopefully I can get moving and get some good work done today. I'm currently working on the climax for third Raksura book. Lots of logistical issues to figure out.

I am in a SF Signal Mindmeld with lots of other neat people: MIND MELD: Genre Resolutions for 2012

Over at Sarah Prineas' blog, you can enter to win a copy of Jenn Reese's new SF middlegrade book Above World (You can see a description on Jenn's site here). Start your kids out right as SF/F fans. And while you're at it, check out Sarah Prineas' fantasy Winterling.

And there's a review of The Serpent Sea over at ReadtheDamnBook.


More on The Serpent Sea availability: It's now on Nook and also on iTunes.

Yes, there is an audiobook of The Serpent Sea, narrated by the awesome Christopher Kipiniak: it's on and as well as iTunes.

So I can have it all in one spot, all the other places to get ebooks are:
Baen Webscription
The other NookBooks
Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany,, Kindle Spain, Kindle Italy.
Sony Reader Store

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Another Ebook Version for The Serpent Sea

Quickie post, as some people have been asking about this: The Serpent Sea is now available on Kobo.

It still isn't showing up on Nook yet. I don't know if it's a delay, or what's going on.

The cheapest ebook version is here on Baen Webscription ebooks in a bunch of different formats for $6.00.

It on Kindle at Kindle US, Kindle UK, Kindle Germany, Kindle France, Kindle Spain, and Kindle Italy

The Serpent Sea

So That Was 2011

This has been a very weird year for me, in a lot of ways. For my part, I sold two books after a multi-year hiatus and had the first one, The Cloud Roads come out and not tank, and later be made into an audiobook, which was an all-time first for me.

I was mostly busy with working with agent and editor and publisher to get the already completed manuscript for the The Serpent Sea ready to publish, plus working on the third book (no, it's not done yet, I flubbed that goal) and writing on other stuff which hasn't been bought/published yet. So 2011 was a big improvement on 2010 and such a vast improvement on 2009 that it feels like 2009 took place on some distant hell-planet in another lifetime.

But 2011 sucked enormously in many horrible ways for a lot of other people I know, friends of people I know, and people I just heard talked about online. It seemed like there was a never-ending series of disasters everywhere. And here it was also the year that the drought turned into the summer of firey death, where everyone who lived here had to look at maps and say, "I wish to go to this city; what route should I take to avoid burning to death?" and thousands of people lost houses and livelihoods. I can't even think about the damage to domestic and wild animals and the environment without crying.

So there was that. I just really want 2012 to be a year that goes relatively well for everybody.


Business stuff:

This is sort-of kind-of the official release date for The Serpent Sea, though the trade paperback is already available in many independent stores and preorders have been shipping from online retailers. I'd say if you want to get it, call the store first to check to see if it's in before you make a special trip, at least for this week.

Preordered ebooks should be shipping or descending or landing today or whatever it is they do on all the Amazons (I listed the links on this post). I don't see it on Nook yet, and I bet it won't be there until tomorrow or the 3rd at the earliest, and I don't see it on Kobo yet. It is available in a multitude of ebook formats at the Baen Webscription ebooks site for a discount price of $6.00. The Cloud Roads is also there.

(And please remember, authors don't control or set prices, formats, or much of anything else for ebooks, physical books, etc. And publishers are far more likely to pay attention to an email or letter from a reader than they are the author.)

ETA: Oops, forgot I wanted to include this: I'll be doing a book signing for The Serpent Sea at Murder by the Book, in Houston, Texas, on Saturday January 7 at 4:30, along with authors Kimberly Frost and Jaye Wells. Use this link to order signed copies online.

The Serpent Sea

The Serpent Sea eBook Versions

Surprise for me! The Serpent Sea is available on Kindle US early. ETA: (I think I misread the screen. The ebook may just be available for preorder.)

It is up for Kindle preorder on Kindle UK, Kindle Germany, and Kindle France, Kindle Spain, and Kindle Italy

I don't see it on the Nook yet, but I'll keep an eye on that. It will also be here on Baen Webscription ebooks, probably for $6.00, eventually, as well as Kobo.


(no subject)

Okay, house is clean, food is acquired, friend who is staying with us will be coming tonight, books all mailed. Now back to writing! (No, I'm not done with the new book yet. It's getting there. I think I'm on the second to last chapter.)

a link:

Cynthia Leitich Smith: Guest Post: Joy Preble on Embracing Risk & Two-Book Giveaway
Writing is in fact the riskiest thing I’ve ever done professionally. I put a piece of myself on each page and send it out into the world: to readers, to editors, to publishers, to my agent. They see who I am through those pages – not everything, but enough. It is a scary and wonderful thing.


I posted last night, but in case anyone missed it, The Serpent Sea is now shipping from online retailers. If anyone sees it at an actual physical bookstore, please let me know!
You can order it from all these places: Barnes and Noble, Amazon US, Powell's, Mysterious Galaxy, The Tattered Cover, Books-a-Million, Book, Book, Amazon UK,,,, or an independent book store in the US through IndieBound.

The ebook versions will probably not be available until the first week of January, closer to the book's original release date.

The Serpent Sea

Quickie Post - The Serpent Sea available

The Serpent Sea is showing up as in stock at Barnes and Noble online and shipping in three days at Amazon. That should mean it will be arriving at physical bookstores over the next week.

The ebook versions should be available the first week of January, which is the book's original release date.


House is clean, presents mostly wrapped, need to go to the grocery store, and also figure out something to eat for dinner tonight. (I'm betting on canned black beans on a tortilla at this point.) Oh, and someone can get me this for Christmas: Castle Pook for Sale.