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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Stargate in Distance


I had a lot of fun at ApolloCon this past weekend. We hung out a lot, talked to a lot of people, had a lot of good food. (Eating out is a big part of conventions for me, as you may have guessed, but this time I'll try to talk about something else.) The panels went well, and there was a lot of interesting discussion on the steampunk panel. I think we need a new genre for the retro look of things like BioShock and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: decopunk.

On Sunday I went to some readings, including jess_ka's Deep Terrain, which is an alternate Earth fantasy that sounds really interesting. Also heard Shanna Swendson read a bit from her new books. She told a story about being at a con where they gave her a late night "adults only" reading slot, where someone even checked ID at the door. Since she writes funny contemporary fantasies that are not adult-rated, this was a little odd. The guy who showed up in swim trunks and a towel was very odd.

After that I read most of the first chapter of The Cloud Roads, and people seemed to like it, which is always a relief. And Patrice Sarath read some from In Gordath Wood, her first fantasy novel, which was really good.

While we were there, we ate at two Pappas restaurants, since they were convenient to the convention: Pappasitos and Pappas Seafood House, both of which were extremely good. The Pappas family owns a chain of restaurants all through this area, including Pappadeaux (cajun) and Pappas Barbecue. Their son was an architecture major at A&M, and designed all their restaurants, so many of them have very cool and unique interiors. Since it's a Greek family, for a long time people have been wondering when they were going to do a Greek restaurant, and apparently they are actually opening one in the next year or so. morfin joked that the name should be Pappasfinally.

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Yes, The Cloud Roads definitely has my vote and my buck.

Thanks! :) :crossing fingers that it gets bucks at some point: I'm very nervous about it, for a bunch of reasons, mainly because it's different than other things I've done.

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Pappa'ss Greek Kitchen

Yia Yia Mary's in the Galleria area is the Pappa's Greek establishment. I think it's a tad overpriced, but the portions are hearty and the lemon potatoes are simple and good.

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