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More scary places:

Sixteen Abandoned and Decaying Hotels from Around the World A few of these are duplicates from the earlier abandoned buildings link, but there are more pictures. Hotel Fife is particularly creepy.

Eight More

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Fantastic! Thanks for the links.

No prob! I hope I can find a bunch more.

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Cool, glad I could help! (That abandoned Ramada in Lousiana just looks like Satan lives there.) I'd also suggest looking for abandoned hospitals. I drove past one in Houston once that was incredibly creepy, even from a distance.

Oo, more pictures of Bokor Palace; I really want to go there. (some of this research informed the ruins in the new novel, didn't it?)

The Bokor Palace looks gorgeous. (Some of this is new stuff I just found, but I did look at a lot of ruins photos for the book. It's fun research. And it's so weird how some of those places just exude creepiness, and others just look like they need somebody to come in and fix them up.)

One of my friends is a crazyperson who goes into some of these types of places. She managed to get into the Byberry State Hospital before it was demolished. and are other listings of such places, some of which are duplicates of things already posted. I find them creepy but sometimes oddly beautiful--I just don't particularly want to go inside.

Edited to fix a bad tag--sorry!

Oh, those are neat! Thanks for the links. Yeah, I would not be big on going into some of those places either, even though the pictures are so fascinating. Setting aside the creepiness, there's the dust and mold to worry about.

I find the image of an abandoned, uncompleted hotel at Disneyword to be quite disturbing. Just not as disturbing as the Disney company probably finds it.

My husband is very into modern ruins are these are spectacular! Perfect for Halloween, the most romantic holiday of the year. :) Well, it is for me. I met the husband while building a haunted house.

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