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eldritchhobbit has some great Halloween posts with links to scary places and stories this month.

The Machine-Animals of Nantes. This exhibit looks fabulous. I went to Nantes a few years ago for the Utopiales International SF/F festival, and I really wish I'd had the time to stay longer and see more of the city.


A friend sent these Galveston-related links this morning:

Blogging on the Island: I'd almost forgotten how that felt, until I drove off the island last Thursday into exile. My home, like so many others, is unlivable. My husband and I and the menagerie have moved to my in-law's house in Deer Park. The commute is certainly demoralizing, but it was the realization that just 50 miles north of the island life is going on as though Hurricane Ike never happened that crushed my spirit. I felt like I was driving into another world, and I almost turned around and came back to the island. Debris piles, dust masks and faces etched with pain are reality to me. Brightly lit stores that stay open until 10 p.m. feel like a slap in the face, knowing how many people in Galveston are still suffering.

The biggest complaint in Houston is power outages. How can they complain about anything when so many people in Galveston are still trying to figure out where they’re going to sleep tonight? They’ve forgotten all about us.

And some good news:
The Rosenberg Library survived intact: I am head of the Library’s Galveston and Texas History Center and the Museum. Hurricane Ike did not affect these two areas, which are on the Rosenberg Library’s third floor. The historical collections suffered no wind or water damage. Further, I spent 21⁄2 hours examining the Galveston and Texas History Center’s archives, which shows no signs of mold infestation. Before the storm made landfall, my staff made extensive preparations to protect and secure our artifacts and historical documents. The Museum staff removed valuable paintings, as well as the shadow box from the first floor Children’s Department, to the third floor. The Galveston and Texas History Center staff moved all archival materials to the vault and secured valuable documents by covering shelves with tarpaulins. Staff accomplished these tasks in a narrow time window. They completed preparations late Thursday morning, when the Mayor of Galveston had already ordered a mandatory evacuation.

The main page for the library is here.

Thanks to Bill Page for the links.

ETA: forgot to add, the Galveston webcams are starting to come back. The Spot, which is kind of a touristy biker bar, is still open for business, though it looks like they lost most of their sign. I've heard they're serving alcohol but haven't been able to get the kitchen (or the bathroom) running yet.

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Those machine animals are so cool. I would so love to be there at night.

The Blogging on the Island link is just heartbreaking.

Very cool that the library had so much foresight. I truly hope Galveston doesn't end up forgotten.

Thank you for the shout-out and for the Galveston links. Those machine animals are amazing.

I've been wishing I could go see that giant elephant since I first became aware of it. So splendid and awesome.

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