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oceanfire_song said some very nice things about Tremaine back in this older post where I was complaining randomly about how female characters are sometimes perceived or written.

illmantrim asked Are any of the characters or places in your books based on real life?

The places more than the characters. There's a house in The Death of the Necromancer (the one where the seance in the garden took place) that's based extensively on a real house. The Vienne sewers are very much the Paris sewers, and a lot of the places and interior descriptions in both Necromancer and The Element of Fire were taken from real places, parks, etc, except I changed them where I needed to to fit the book. And weirdly enough, all the plants mentioned in City of Bones that grow out in the Waste (except for one) are based on real plants. Duvalpore and the main temple in Wheel of the Infinite borrowed extensively from Angkor Wat and other temple cities in Cambodia. And of course, the Queen Ravenna is a combination of the Queen Mary, the Normandie and other ocean liners. So, yes, basically.

Off on a tangent, I see comments occasionally with the attitude that if you aren't writing for publication, or in hope of eventual publication, there's no point in writing, and I always find that very weird. People have been writing for their own entertainment since the dawn of writing, whether it was long letters or private journals or stories. Never being paid for it doesn't invalidate the pleasure or the sense of fulfillment or the things you learned or the increase in your communication skills that the writing brought you. Not everybody who paints or draws has to become a professional artist, and not everybody who plays the piano is aiming for international classical music stardom. Expecting everybody on earth who writes to either aspire seriously to be published or to resolve to give it up is kind of...nutty.