July 2nd, 2007

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krisispm asked: I just completed a sprint through all five of the Ile-Rien books, and I'm bristling with questions!

This post answered my primary question, about whether you had planned Necromancer and The Fall at the time of Element (you hadn't, which fascinates me).

Because of the two leaps in chronology, do you have a vast store of untold stories that occurred in the intervening years?

There is certainly a lot of room there for other stories. I did have an idea for a post-Element novel about Thomas and Kade, and I've played with some ideas for short stories about Nicholas and Madeline and Reynard, pre-Necromancer, but I have no idea if I'll actually ever get around to them.

Kade, especially, was such a wonderful first protagonist with so much back/future story tied up in Fayre. I found that I always expected her to show up again - first as Madeline's grandmother, and again at any point in Fall. Were you tempted to bring her plot thread back to the fore? (Or, perhaps, did you leave a thread, but never had time to develop it fully).

No, I didn't seriously consider bringing Kade back. There really wasn't a good place for her in the story, and I wanted to keep the focus on the new main characters. Glad you enjoyed reading about her, though! She's probably one of my all-time favorite characters to write.

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