November 17th, 2008

Stargate Monuments

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I'm lookng forward to a big early-Thanksgiving party next weekend, which friends in the area have put on for a number of years. Not sure what I'm going to make for it yet. Morfin experimented with making pumpkin pie yesterday and it made the whole house smell wonderful.

There's been a few late additions to the book recommendation post, if you're still looking for book gift ideas.


hurricane link:

From the Houston Chronicle, a story about the Vietnamese community on Oak Island after hurricane Ike:
Hurricane Ike devastated Oak Island on Sept. 13, leaving little to nothing inhabitable, where the Huynhs and 25 other Vietnamese families once eked out a living catching crabs from the adjacent bay. Not only are their homes gone, but so are most of the boats and traps they need for harvesting crabs.

Their recovery looks daunting.



rachelcaine has a post about Ripple Effect, a charity anthology to benefit the New Orleans Public Library System.

eldritchhobbit linked to The Year of Readers, with many bookish charities.

The Rosenberg Library in Galveston still needs donations to repair damage to be building from hurricane Ike. My offer of signed books for people who donate is still open.