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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

Stargate in Distance

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Couple of fun links:

Book View Cafe a new site offering free and subscription fiction by twenty authors, including Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Madeleine Robins.

Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcasts with interviews and news.


Hurricane links:

From KFDM in Beaumont:
The group that spoke before council this afternoon, did so, after receiving letters from the city that they are not allowed to begin repairs, until their flooded homes are elevated five feet. To most aging residents, and the children of those residents, that demand is unreasonable.
The city says the five-foot rule is a requirement of FEMA, one they unfortunately cannot alter on their own.

From Galveston Daily News:
The festival will be held, in part to draw attention to a recovering Galveston, even though the hurricane left The Strand battered and abandoned.

Two months after Ike, businesses along The Strand have not reopened. Shattered windows are blocked with butcher paper or newspaper. Doors are padlocked and chained shut. The streets are still littered with trash, Sheetrock, broken glass and dirt.
(If you want to help, buy tickets for Dickens on the Strand.)


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Thanks to lonesomenumber1 and bfly for Rosenberg Library donations! I think the total of donations (that I know of) so far is around $345.00. So yay!

New kitten, who is now new teenaged cat, is doing really well. She has a stuffed toy mouse that she carries aroung the house and plays fetch with. You throw it, she skitters after it, brings it back to you, and drops it for you to throw again. The only problem with this is that when you pick it up to throw, she considers it as in play again and feels free to rip it out of your hand. So you have to throw it fast. She'll also jump up and catch it in midair. She brings it into the bed at night and I often get up in the morning to find it tucked under me somewhere. Thank God it's a stuffed toy. If we ever have a mouse infestation, I'm pretty sure I'll find out about it in the most horrific way possible.

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