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How I make migas: (In Tex-Mex restaurants I think it's pretty exclusively a breakfast dish, though it makes a good quick lunch or supper at home.)

Chop some yellow or white onion and saute it in butter (or I use a butter substitute like SmartBalance, because I have high cholesterol issues).

Cut some corn tortillas into strips, then toast them lightly in the toaster oven. You want them dry to slightly crunchy.

In a bowl, beat eggs, small amount of milk, salt and pepper.

Add eggs to the onion-butter-substitute mixture. Scramble until partially cooked, then add cheese (something that melts easily, like finely grated cheese or 2% velveeta cut up small), green chile salsa, and optionally, some chopped fresh tomato. When those are mixed in well, add the tortilla strips. Finish scrambling until eggs are completely cooked.

Serve on a warm flour or corn tortilla. Eat!

Amounts subject to whether you're making it for yourself or a large group of people.