January 13th, 2010

Stargate Monuments

Donation Sites for Haiti

Places to donate for the earthquake victims in Haiti:

American Red Cross International Response Fund

Partners in Health Clinics in Haiti

Doctors Without Borders

Catholic Relief Services

ETA: From the Red Cross site:
American Red Cross releases $200,000 in aid to help communities affected by earthquake in Haiti
The American Red Cross has made available all of the relief supplies from its warehouse in Panama which would provide for basic needs for approximately 5,000 families. In addition, it is deploying a disaster management specialist to Haiti, and has additional disaster specialists on standby if needed.

The American Red Cross has an extensive partnership with the Haitian Red Cross, which is expected to lead the Red Cross response to the earthquake.

From bookshop: OxFam Donations

Daily Kos has a list of more organizations.

ETA2: help_haiti a fandom fundraising auction community.

Huffington Post has a list of organizations

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Troyce's case of strep throat is better, and the ice melted the other day and it's back up to a more normal 60. That's a big relief.

For Christmas, a friend gave us a folding kitty tent:

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Auction for Help_Haiti

I've put a hardcover copy of my book Wheel of the Infinite up for auction in the help_haiti fundraising community here.

You bid by replying to the comment, and when the auction closes on January 20, the winner will pay by donating directly to one of the charitable organizations on the community's list. The winner can then forward me an email receipt or screencap of the donation, shipping info, and how you want the book signed, and I'll send it to you.