January 19th, 2010

John Green Tree

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The first round of auctions at the help_haiti fundraising community is over tomorrow, January 20. My auction for the signed hardcover of Wheel of the Infinite is here, and the high bid is currently $50.00.

The Crossed Genres Magazine Post a Free Story for Haiti page now has a section for stories in Portugese. If you read and enjoy any of the stories listed, please consider a donation for Haiti. My story is an adventure fantasy, Houses of the Dead.


Pat Rothfuss' Worldbuilders fundraiser for Heifer International was over on January 15, and raised over $128,000, which is the total without the matching donations added in. Wow.


From Sarah Weinman's blog: author Robert B. Parker has passed away.

From Richard White at WriterBeware: An Open Letter from a Writer to New Publishers See, just as every writer does not "deserve" to be published, not every person who dreams of being a publisher deserves to hang out a shingle and call themselves such.

I just finished reading The Charm Stone by Lillian Stewart Carl, and very much enjoyed it. It's part of her modern day mystery/ghost story series with Jean Fairbairn and Alisdair Cameron, and this one takes place in Colonial Willamsburg.

And AggieCon 41 in College Station, Texas, is rapidly approaching. It'll be the weekend of February, 5-7, and I'm listed as Special Guest.