January 23rd, 2010


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From cmpriest (Cherie Priest) a post on what authors do and do not control Do not control is a long list, including the book's cover art, cost, size and format, distribution, quality control, digital availability, schedule, Foreign editions, etc.

I'm almost done with the kitchen cabinet painting. I've got one cabinet left, plus the pantry, plus touch-up. I keep reminding myself that when I did this the first time when we first moved here (around 1996) (and I only remember it that clearly because it was when I got laid off from the Ocean Drilling Program/was still writing The Death of the Necromancer) it took me about a week and a half to do the whole thing. That was because the cabinets are in really, really bad shape. They look better painted, but if you saw them in their natural state, you would think you were looking at an abandoned house. I think they originally came from an abandoned house, possibly one abandoned during a flood. (When we first walked in to our kitchen, it looked like one of those places on Flip This House where they immediately start hitting stuff with sledgehammers and gut everything.) It looks better now.