January 26th, 2010


Good News

Finally have some good news. Troyce has been looking for another job since August when he was told he was being laid off from his department, and it's been incredibly stressful. Yesterday he got a formal offer letter from another department, and accepted it. It's a good job, though it's also a big pay cut, but we don't have to worry anymore about starving or losing our health insurance. YAY!


Other good news:

Ann VanderMeer has been promoted to editor in chief at Weird Tales Magazine and The Weird Tales masthead will be rounded out by two new, though very familiar, additions to the management team serving under VanderMeer. Campbell Award-winning author, artist, designer and performer Mary Robinette Kowal will serve as the magazine’s new art director. And two-time Stoker Award nonfiction winner Paula Guran, editor of the Pocket Juno fantasy imprint, will serve as Weird Tales’s new nonfiction editor.