January 30th, 2010

Watch That Plant

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If you buy books, or try to buy books, from Amazon, you might want to read this article: Amazon and Macmillan go to war: readers and writers are the civilian casualties When I woke this morning at 5AM UK time, I discovered an in-box full of emails from people asking if I knew what was going on with Amazon. My books -- and all books from Macmillan and its many divisions, including Tor, my publisher -- had disappeared from the Amazon webstore in both physical and electronic editions.

ETA: other online stores to take your business to: Barnes and Noble, Powell's, Mysterious Galaxy, Borders, Books-a-Million, or search for an independent book store with online sales through IndieBound. Or Book Depository.com which advertises free worldwide shipping.

ETA2: Macmillan's response

ETA3: Tobias Buckell's post Why My Books are No Longer Available on Amazon

Something pretty: Breathtaking Pillar-Like Rocks in Zhangjiajie National Park