February 4th, 2010

Stargate in Distance

AggieCon 41 Schedule

AggieCon 41 February 5-7, 2010.

I'm not too sure about the times, but I think this is close to being right.


6:00 pm "Journey to the Beginning of Sci Fi" - These are the classics modern sci fi is beholden to. Our panelists debate who is the mother (or father) of all science fiction. [Bowers, Cupp*,
Datlow, Montz, Gould, Wells]

7:00 pm Opening Ceremonies

8:00 pm "What's in a World?" - New worlds to explore are one of the key characteristics of fantasy. Our panelists discuss what goes into creating these settings. It's a lot more than just the topography! [L. Donahue, Wells*, Tolan, W. Spector]


11:00 am Autographing

12:00 noon Special Guest Martha Wells reading/q&a

3:00 pm "What Did He Just Call Me?" - Our expert panelists discuss fictional languages such as Elvish, Klingon, and the newest from Avatar, Na'Vi. Why are they significant? And why can't they fufil your foreign language requirement? [Stickmanz, Sullivan, White, Wells*, Leicht]

5:00 pm "All the Sci Fi Ladies" - Our panelists discuss strong women characters and women writers in science fiction and fantasy literature. How were women portrayed in the past? Has that changed any with modern literature? [Fletcher, Sarath*, Rosen, Datlow, Bowers, Montz, Wells, Mixon]

8:00 pm "By the Gods!" - Religions: mythological, fictional and historical. Do your characters need to believe in a higher power? What other belief systems have writers come up with or how have they done without. [L. Donahue*, Bas, White, Sarath, Leicht, Wells]

9:00 pm "Gears, Guns, and Gadgets" - An alternate history sub-genre, steampunk is well...picking up steam! What started this fad and what will keep it going? What steampunk should you have read? [Montz*, Leicht, Bas, Rose, Wells]