February 5th, 2010

Atlantis 3

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An addition to my AggieCon schedule: I'll be doing an autographing Saturday, at 11:00 am. But you can ask for me to sign your books after my reading/q&a program at noon, or catch me after a panel, or whenever.

I've put a signed hardcover copy of The Death of the Necromancer up for auction in the helptheproject community over there, to benefit the Virginia Avenue Project. There are lots of other wonderful things up for auction. Stories, pottery, autographed books, seductive European cookies, pie in a jar. If I had any spare money, I would be all over the pie in a jar.


A neat website on airships Airships: A Hindenburg and Zeppelin History Site

An article by C.J. Cherryh on BookView Cafe about the history of SF/F publishing since the 70s Belmont-Tower used to buy “all rights”, meaning the writer sold his copyright to the publisher, and got about 300 dollars for his effort. Flat. A writer I knew well used to do a novel every time the rent came due.

Terry Pratchett, on his Alzheimer's and assisted suicide: A tribunal of mercy As I face Alzheimer's, I want to die at a time of my choosing. We need a better way of assisting loved ones who wish the same.
My mother had Alzheimer's, so this is a very personal issue for me.