February 7th, 2010

Avatar -Iroh

AggieCon in progress

That's me at AggieCon yesterday, doing my special guest reading/question and answer thing in the very large meeting room at the hotel.

The con has been really great. This year the con had to move from the Memorial Student Center/Rudder Theater Complex to the Hilton hotel, since the MSC is being remodeled and is completely shut down. I think the involuntary change of venue has really helped it in some ways. When the movie program was at its height, and there were between 1500 and 2000 people coming in every evening to see movies in Rudder Auditorium, the con really needed all the space and big programming rooms in the MSC and Rudder tower, and often ran short of rooms. Now that it's much smaller, the programming space in the Hilton is about the right size, and it's all close together, and it's much easier to find people, see all the costumes, and keep up the energy. The panels were all well-attended, even the ones before 5:00 on Friday, gaming and the video game room seemed to be always happily full, and dealer's room was doing pretty well.

The panels I did yesterday all went very well and were a lot of fun. The steampunk panel, the women in SF/F panel, and the linguistics panel went especially well. The linguistics panel had to be moved, since the art technique demonstration panel in that room needed extra time, and we got moved into a smaller programming room. Which was packed, with people standing in the back even after they brought in extra chairs. (Linguistics panels usually aren't big draws, but it figures that at a university-centric convention, they'd be more popular.) The audience was very knowledgeable, and we got great questions and comments. We talked a bit about created languages, then about historical languages that were temporarily lost and had to be revived, etc.

And here's the band that played Saturday night: David Lee Anderson, Warren Spector, Caroline Spector, Brad Denton, Steve Gould, and Rory Harper: