February 8th, 2010

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Just a quick note: I found out yesterday that Phil Klass (William Tenn) passed away. The first time I heard him speak was at the Nebula Awards ceremony in 1999 where The Death of the Necromancer was on the ballot, and a few years later in 2004 I sat next to him on a panel at the Boston WorldCon, where he was charming and wonderful to listen to and very nice to me. I wish I'd had many more opportunities to hear him speak.


I'm going to try to do more of a con report later, but in short, AggieCon was awesome and I am stunned with tiredness. I'm just glad the con was held about five minutes from where I live and I didn't have to fly or drive anywhere today.
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AggieCon Reprise

I was really, really glad to see AggieCon come back strong this year because, for one thing, it's always been an important con for young fans in this area. I was 23 when I was AggieCon chairman, and about 95% of the committee (which back then was probably around 75 people) were my age or a couple of years older or younger. Most of the people running AggieCon this year weren't born, or were maybe a few years old, when I was chairman. AggieCon committee members have gone on to work on ArmadilloCon, and the San Antonio Worldcon, and a lot of the other newer cons in Texas; it was AggieCon members who went off to colonize Dallas/Fort Worth and start ConDFW.

And a lot of the people who attend AggieCon are college age or just graduated, and a large portion of the audiences in the panels, the people who wanted to hear about created worlds and linguistics and talk about steampunk and female SF/F characters and everything else were in their twenties. You hear people talk about the graying of fandom and wonder where young fans will come from; one place they've always been coming from is AggieCon.